Italian Silver


Italian Silver

“Italy” denotes the country of origin, and “925” indicates silver at 92.5 percent purity, which is sterling silver. 92.5 percent purity means that the piece is comprised of 92.5 percent silver by mass and 7.5 percent of another metal by mass.

If you like classy sterling silver jewelry that’ll get you noticed, then our Italian fancy jewelry assortment is just for you. Choose from sterling silver Italian fancy necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more all made of genuine .925 sterling silver. This selection includes popular infinity sign jewelry and greek key jewelry as well as new sterling silver jewelry with roman numerals. Classic favorites are silver Riccio diamond cut necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Italian silver is very valuable because of its superior craftsmanship and rarity. It has been a major aspect of the silver industry since the early 1870s. At Tokyo Info Solutions (India) Private Limited, you get the real 925 Italian Silver Products.

Since pure silver is much too soft at room temperature to be molded into rings, bracelets, charms and other jewelry, 7.5 percent of another metal is needed to harden and strengthen it. The most common metal used to form the silver alloy is copper. Pure silver also tarnishes very quickly, and the addition helps slow down the process. Sterling silver is the purest form of silver that maintains its beauty over time without tarnishing.

If you’re considering buying 925 Sterling Silver, you will no doubt want to know the difference between pure silver and 925 sterling silver. Well, pure silver is not really made up of only silver. It has 99.9% of silver, and a small content composed of other metals such as copper.

The reason silver needs to be combined with other metals is that it is very difficult to make great designs with just pure silver, which is very soft and malleable. A bit of hardness has to be introduced, by adding other metals such as copper. That’s why jewelers are capable of making the most intricate and complex designs with 925 Sterling Silver.

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